Notable People Who Advocated for a Stadium in Pontiac

Harold Cousins

The first chairman of the Pontiac Stadium Authority. He is credited with helping to convince  Detroit Lions owner William Clay Ford to move the team to Pontiac.

Robert F. Jackson, Mayor of Pontiac, 1969-73

During his tenure as Mayor, the Pontiac Downtown Plan was conceived and begun, the Silverdome Stadium was financed and construction was started, and he oversaw the city's participation in the rancorous court ordered school integration of the public school system. 

Pontiac Times Newspaper - February 1974

Bruno Kearns
Bruno Kearns was a native of western Pennsylvania and a U.S. Navy veteran who served in World War II, Kearns, had worked some 28 years at the Pontiac Press (now The Oakland Press) until 1980.
 Kearns was regarded by many as the single most effective catalyst in getting a stadium built in Pontiac. "He was sports editor when I came to the paper in 1971," said Neil Munro, former Oakland Press editor. "The Silverdome at that point was a dream in Bruno's eye, because it had not been approved."
But editorially, Kearns continued to pound away at getting the Silverdome constructed and Pontiac citizens finally approved it by vote.
He was a good friend of Don Davidson, the stadium's visionary and designer and together they pushed for the stadium's reality. Kearns even wrote an article about Davidson and his formative years growing up in Pontiac. Kearns, along with Davidson also organized the prestigious 250 member Pontiac Quarterback Club.
"Nobody was happier than Bruno," Munro said. "He wrote as much about the Silverdome as he did sports. It was a labor of love for him.

"When it was completed, the Lions had put a brass plaque (engraved with his name) on the table in the press box and it was for Bruno. It was where he sat. Not many sportswriters ever got a plaque from the team. And Bruno was as critical of the Lions as a team as anybody. (But) he was a good guy to get along with and he worked hard."

Nobody pushed harder than Bruno Kearns to get the Super Bowl to come to Pontiac.


Bruno Leon

University Honors

L-R, Davidson, Reuther, Leon, Skelton

Carl Luckenbach

Architect for the stadium

Pontiac Times Newspaper - 1974


Robert Rummel

Former finance director for the city of Pontiac and the first executive director of the Pontiac Stadium Authority
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Richard R. Wilcox

A founding member of the Pontiac Stadium Authority, which built and governed the Pontiac Stadium.

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