In 1965, Pontiac's own C. Don Davidson, a Professor of Architecture at the University of Detroit envisioned a new downtown Pontiac and embarked on an urban renewal project with his U.of D. class that included a dual stadium plan as a part of this project.

Davidson, along with other area sports enthusiasts realized that the Detroit Lions and the Tigers were seriously considering the possibilities of a new major sports facility for Southeast Michigan. In 1968, much excitement was generated when Davidson and Pontiac city leaders made a presentation to the Metropolitan Stadium Committee of a 155 acre site on the city's east side at the intersection of M-59 and I-75. The Metropolitan Stadium Committee voted unanimously for the Pontiac site. The city commission later appointed a Stadium Authority which spent the greater part of 1969 completing the necessary economic feasibility studies in constructing such a stadium. The city made the professional sports franchises aware that a stadium could be built and financed in Pontiac.
An Environmental analysis of a central business area : Pontiac, Michigan ...Authors: Bruno Leon, Karl H. Greimel, C. Don Davidson'

Artists Rendering of Pontiac Stadium

Artists Rendering of Pontiac Stadium

The Pontiac Times Newspaper Era ... 1972-1982 ©

Why another local newspaper?

"I sought out the opinion of fifteen experts. All of them agreed that it (starting a newspaper) couldn't be done. I decided that anything that certain left room for a unique answer."
"The people of Pontiac were left without a hometown paper. As the Oakland Press moved more toward regional news, they really couldn't remain a local paper, too."

 C. Don Davidson - Times publisher

Professor Davidson, with his intense and charismatic persona and an ego bigger than the moon, decided to start his own newspaper after experiencing difficulties convincing various local leaders and newpaper publisher/editors to support his plan.

Davidson and his dedicated staff published a weekly newspaper for eleven years. His newspaper was the catalyst that pushed his urban renewal and stadium plans to reality.  The newspaper went defunct in 1982 due to advertising difficulties brought on by the early 1980's recession.

Below is a copy of the one year anniversary of The Pontiac Times Newspaper dated Dec. 7, 1973.

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  1. I worked for the Pontiac Waterford Times for 2 years or so. Don was probably the most unique individual I have ever known; one of a kind.


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