Artists Rendering of the Pontiac Stadium - 1971

The Pontiac Times Newspaper Era ... 1972-1982 ©

C. Don Davidson - Visionary / Designer of the
Pontiac Silverdome and Pontiac Phoenix Center
The 'thumbs up' (like) symbol was incorporated by the Pontiac Times Newspaper
in the late 1970's, decades before facebook.

From The Pontiac Times Inaugural Edition - 1972

Below is a copy of the one year anniversary of The Pontiac Times Newspaper - Dec. 7, 1973
Why another local newspaper?

"I sought out the opinion of fifteen experts. All of them agreed that it (starting a newspaper) couldn't be done. I decided that anything that certain left room for a unique answer. The people of Pontiac were left without a hometown paper. As the Oakland Press moved more toward regional news, they really couldn't remain a local
paper, too." 
C. Don Davidson - Times CEO and Publisher

With his intimidating and charismatic persona, and an ego bigger than the moon, Davidson decided to start his own newspaper after experiencing difficulties convincing local leaders and area newspapers to support his plan.
Davidson and his dedicated staff published a weekly newspaper for eleven years. His newspaper was the catalyst that saw his Urban Renewal plan and a Pontiac Stadium become a reality.  

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  1. I worked for the Pontiac Waterford Times for 2 years or so. Don was probably the most unique individual I have ever known; one of a kind.


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